In August 2005 the Cologne thrash band Flag of Decay met its fiery demise. Band members Leo (vocals) and Joachim (battery) found that not being able to make music they could no longer function. They had to go on. So out of the ashes rose the phoenix known as Deus.exe. What needed to be done now was to find some new members. The first to step up to the fold was bassist Erik, soon after the band recruited guitarists Milan and Christian to round out the group. In December the first output was recorded. The results of this are the songs Wake States and Sensory deprivation.

Due to a difference of musical direction Milan left the group. A replacement was quickly found in Gero but this was unfortunately not to be and he soon parted ways with the group. Under the motto If you want the job done right, then do it yourself Leo stepped up to handle both Vocal and Guitar duties for the foreseeable future.

After a string of successful gigs guitarist Christian left the band in order to concentrate on his studies. Andy was then recruited into the band as guitarist and successfully withstood a live trial by fire by being able to play our entire set live only two weeks after joining the band.

In May 2008 the band released their debut album “Transhuman”. The album was recorded in Nurostudios and Filthtone in Cologne by Leo and Christoph Schreiner. Never one to shy away from new technologies, the guitar tracks were recorded directly to hard disk in Cologne, these files were then re-amped at LSD Tonstudio in Lübeck by Lasse Lammert, who also took on mastering duties as well as adding extra sub-drops.

The cover art was created by Fabio Listrani (aka STB01) with band photography by Uli Beck adding a gritty and dystopian yet hi-tech visual interface for the music to enmesh the listener.

“Transhuman” stands as a testament of a dying humanity drowning in a sea of information and madness, failing to control its lust for technology and ultimately embracing its own self-destruction.

August 2008 saw the end of Andy’s tenure with the band as he had decided to continue with his music studies overseas. A replacement was found in guitar virtuoso Dino proving his mettle in shows abroad.

In December of 2011 CE Deus.exe started the process of recording their sophomore album “Collapse”. Once again the band called upon Lasse Lammert to help create the bands sonic identity but this time also handling mixing duties as well as reamping and mastering. The unique visuals were provided by once more by Fabio “STB01” Listrani.

The theme of “Collapse” resounds throughout the new album be it the collapse of society, the Universe, or even the collapse in meaning of one’s own existence. It is the inevitable negation of all reality.

Nothing can stop the oncoming digital storm…